The Lie
'The Lie' Written By: Gary Kauffman
Perfect garden, must have been a lovely place. Meet The Father, talk with Him face to face. His instruction, if you see that tree just walk on by. ‘cause in the day that you believe the Lie…You will surely die.

Empty promise, make the choice feel the pain. He is coming, hear His voice, hide in shame. Face the judgment… guilt that leaves no alibi. Dust to dust and many tears to cry, we believe the lie.

Sudden darkness, sick and dying all alone, wrath upon us,hardened hearts that turn to stone. chains that hold us bitter truth we can’t deny, we cannot help ourselves, no matter how we try. We believe the lie.

Man of sorrow, Son of God amazing grace. He took the judgment, died on calvary In our place, God’s forgiveness, wayward children reconciled. with His own blood Jesus paid the price to free us from the lie.

Death can’t hold Him resurrection the third day, gone to the Father to prepare for us a place. eternal promise, believe in Him, He’d never lie. We’ll live with Him forever and never die. Jesus is alive, He broke the chains of death that paralyze…
Jesus is alive…Jesus is alive.
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