Parents House
Parent’s House - Erik Simins feat. G-Stokes & Nazri
Words and Music by: Erik Simins
(c) + (p) 2010 Blue Pie USA LLC

Yes, yes, yes – Ladies... I would say gentlemen, but this is for the ladies.
G-Stokes and your man Erik Simins; let’s role!
(Erik Simins)
You came over baby, lookin’ so fly. I was thinking’ baby - it would be nice.
Couple drinks and we, be on a different high, I can drive but - I ain’t got no
Mr. cab driver, gotta get inside, this lady’s hand is - half way up my thigh,
Sorry sir you need a destination, straight to her crib yeah this girl’s amazin’...


We said hello, we worked the floor, we hit the road,
Off to her parent’s house,
Aahh, haaa, Aahh, haaa, Aahh, haaa,
All at her Parent’s house,
The cabby’s checking baby, in the rear view,
she wants to lose her dress - I think he likes her too. Paid the working man,
threw him an extra dollar, he’s lookin’ back he knows, I’m bout to make her
It’s almost 3 am, I’m sayin’ where’s your room,
we never made it there, I guess I spoke too soon. She closed the door behind,
right to the kitchen floor, she got a freaky side - she wanna show me more...


Is someone knocking on the door?
(Nazri) (Is someone knocking on the door...)
I’m hearin’ footsteps movin’ fast across the floor,
(Nazri) (faster and faster)
She said her daddy’s got a gun,
(Nazri) (he’s going to shoot me if he finds me)
Now where’s the window, see ya later it’s been fun, Fun!
I’m under da bed like the boogy monsta, ready to do some nasty things to make
your conscious haunt ya. Shhhhh, my baby whilin’, she gigglin’ crazy, wigglin’
and whisperin’ (it’s jiggling baby). You so nasty Ms. Tracy, but I like that though,
whatever ya give to me I give right back slow - Pro-fessional, yes, yes ya know,
I would run to your lovin’ bustin’ heal and toe. I know you feel me though, I can
feel your excitement, and it makes my hormones too to start to heighten. Very
enlightening, blinded by the lightening, heart beat’s racin’ up, the pace is too
frightenin’ - you can’t fight dat - for sure I’m right, and we’z about to get it on
tonight, so throw on some Marvin Gaye so we can turn da party out, you’ll be
singing mercy, mercy up inside your parent’s house.

Chorus Out.