Lighter Shade of Gray
We both knew this would happen,
Catching feelings.
Now I can barely describe this,
Feeling that I’m feeling.

Our stories fall apart like,
Like Paper in the rain,
Till all that’s left is all we think that we’ve got.
And as the real face shows,
We begin to disengage.
Till nothings left to say but Goodbye,
And thanks a lot.

She is next to me,
But I don’t want her,
No, It’s always been you.
You’re lying next to him,
But you wish that he was me at night,
Oh you know that it’s true.

I lie awake at night
Cause I sleep away my days
From place to place I waste away my life.
I’d love to see your face,
Cause I’m the lightest shade of gray,
And sit with you a while and pass the time.