On the Bottom
On The Bottom (Robert Mabe) (3:51) Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Americana 
ISRC: QMS4L2200165
Written by Robert Mabe
Published by Frogtown Music (BMI)
Arranged by Robert Mabe and Jack Dunlap
Recorded by Will Shenk
Produced by Jack Dunlap, Robert Mabe and Will Shenk
Robert Mabe: Banjo and lead vocals
Jack Dunlap: Guitar, mandolin and vocals
Alex Kimble: Bass and vocals
Mason Wright: Fiddle
"It's a song about unfaithfulness—a painful observation of someone having an affair and the consequential end of the relationship. I had toyed around with the song's main riff for a while, originally thinking it would be an instrumental, but it sounded so fitting for the lyrics/theme to On the Bottom. Once it was written and arranged, I still wasn't sure it would be a good song. After rehearsing it with Jack, Alex, and Mason, I knew it was a good and perfect fit for Dunlap & Mabe."
-Robert Mabe