With the Other Not Around
With The Other Not Around (Buddy Dunlap) (3:40) Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Americana
ISRC: QMS4L2200164
Written by Buddy Dunlap
Arranged by Jack Dunlap
Recorded by Will Shenk
Produced by Jack Dunlap, Robert Mabe and Will Shenk
Jack Dunlap: Guitar, mandolin and lead vocals
Robert Mabe: Banjo and vocals
Alex Kimble: Bass and vocals
Mason Wright: Fiddle
The Other Not Around was written by Buddy Dunlap. It was initially recorded on a record by the band Lonesome Highway in 2009 called The Highway Called.
"This song was written by my brother Buddy. We played it together for years while I was in Bud's Collective. I brought this one to the band because I felt we needed an up-paced bluegrass tune to add to the set, and this one fits right in there."
-Jack Dunlap