Time Is Running Out
Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Americana ISRC: QMS4L2200161
Written by Jack Dunlap
Published by Frogtown Music (BMI)
Arranged by Jack Dunlap
Recorded by Will Shenk
Produced by Jack Dunlap, Robert Mabe and Will Shenk
Jack Dunlap: Guitar, mandolin, lead vocal
Robert Mabe: Banjo
Alex Kimble: Bass
Mason Wright: Fiddle
Time Is Running Out was written by Jack Dunlap. It was originally going to be featured on his solo project that evolved into Stumblin’ Out The Gate. It was written in the Fall of 2020 while Jack was “in his rediscovering the guitar” stages. “I was sitting in my lesson studio one day waiting for a student and just running through some riff ideas. I knew I wanted to write a story song based on something that might happen in a Western movie. All of a sudden, the first line came to me, “Just through the holler I hear their horses run…” and the rest of the song just came out.”
-Jack Dunlap