Can't Hold Me Down

Running scared, it’s hard to move. 

Try to make my way out through the other side 

Feeling fear, this can't be true. 

Through the smoke, I see the lights I've longed to find. 

You can’t hold me down 

I’ve got my feet back on the ground 

I can hear your footsteps fading far behind 

No I just don’t care 

Far away is where I’m bound 

As I roll on through the night 

No you cant hold me down. 

Dreams of you, they went away 

Our time is gone, ain’t no more debt to pay 

Changing gears, I hit my stride 

Watch the sun come up without you by my side 

It’s been so long, this love will fade 

My path is clear, there’s nothing in my way 

Woke up this morning, sun breaking through 

Ain’t spending no more time playing your fool.