Come Back To These Arms
How long’s too long an hour, a day Feels like it’s been a year
I’m getting by all by myself
But now I need you here
I watched the summer come and go I’ve seen the snow flakes fall
I pine for you each morning
When I hear a robbin call
Catch a plane or catch a train
Come by boat or car
Doesn’t matter where you are
As long as you will come back to these arms
I said you said, you said I did Don’t matter anymore
Pride’s good company for a while But once you closed the door
The pain of being all alone
Starts creeping through the cracks Now nothing matters anymore And I just want you back
A love that’s strong enough to last Will always find a way Forgiveness isn’t easy
And it ain’t just words you say
So come on back home baby now I’ll leave the porch light on
Then lay yourself down by my side Cause you’ve been too long gone