Dream About
Dream About
Written and performed by: Duane Vincent Belton

1st verse
Many miles are...you far away
But my feelings are gonna stay right here for you
You may not know it but it’s true………..only you can do what you do
the need is true you turn my grey skies blue

2nd verse
A timeless moment was when you past my way
I keep that moment a picture in my mind always……….so much I want to say
Throughout each and every day and night I pray that you’ll find a way to finally say,
you need me everyday
Chorus 1
Dream about, dream about your touch
There’s no doubt I’m gonna get your love (x2)
Thinking about the things we’ve shared
Thinking the laughs we had
Thinking about your hand in mind….you and I through the test of time
There’s no doubt…I’m gonna get your love

…..you make my heart sing…………….