Now A Witness Am I

John the Baptist sent disciples to inquirer of the Savior
Are You the one that we’re looking for to come
When they saw Him heal the sick the blind the lame and cleanse the leper
They ran to tell ole John what He had done

From a doubter to a witness all it took was one encounter
To believe that Jesus came to give us life
I've seen the blessed evidence of Jesus passing by
You cannot change the truth into a lie
Once a doubter now a witness am I

Thomas said I won't believe that Jesus rose and now is living
‘Til I look upon His hands and on His feet
Then Jesus said to Thomas you believe for you have seen Me
But blessed are those believers who've not seen

Bro Paul was one who truly witnessed Jesus in His glory
Enlightened Paul and then forgave his sin
The Hebrew's in the furnace there were thrown but were protected
For the Lord was walking in the fire with them