That Wonderful Land
That Wonderful Land

I know you’ve read in the story of old
Of a city somewhere with a street of pure gold
Mansions so grand what a beautiful land by the river of life
With all the saints who have gone on before
Standing there waiting on that blessed shore
Beckoning come to a place of no pain and no more strife

There’s only one way to enter in
That wonderful land of no night and no sin
Through Calvary by the blood shed for you and me
I’ve made my preparation sure
I know where I’m going when I leave here
To Canaanland the promise land for the redeemed

Oh what a joy it will be when I see
The one who died on that rugged tree
Taking my place paving the way to eternal life
I’m gonna bow at His nail pierced feet
Worship His name for eternity
I’m pressing on my brand new home is almost insight