One Way, One Name, One Door

V 1
In this modern day we’re living in
Some people now are proclaiming
There’s many roads to Heaven you can take
But if you really want to know
The truth about this matter oh
Then brother then let me tell you
What my Bible has to say

There’s only one way that you’ll ever get to Heaven
Only one way that you’ll ever see that land
Only one name whereby we can find salvation
Only one name with the power to rise again
Only one door that will lead you to that city
Only one door that will open wide the gates
My brother you can find all three
In Jesus Christ my Lord
One way one name one door

V 2
Now they say that there’s no difference in
The gods of other religions
And Jesus Christ they’re pretty much the same
That’s when I remind them of a tomb
That’s empty in Jerusalem
And that my Savior is the only one alive today

You can’t earn your way to Heaven through the good deeds that you do
And the names of Buddha Allah or Mohammed won’t save you
That door cannot be opened thru the wisdom of a man
But Jesus Christ the Son of God’s is the only one who can