A Thieves Paradise
A Thieves’ Paradise

V 1
He spent his days looking for ways
To cheat anyone that he could
Without regard to the pain or the harm
He never lived like he should
Depending on luck, till it finally caught up
Now he was sentenced to die
But there in the midst on the cross next to his
He found a Savior in Christ

In a thieves’ paradise where a sad wasted life
Was changed by God's amazing grace
A wretch so unworthy was shown perfect mercy
In the darkest moment he’d ever face
He found treasures untold silver and gold
In a voice speaking new life
Today you will be awakened with Me
In more than a thieves’ paradise

Bleeding and broken he believed what was spoken
And cried to the Lord remember me
And when Heaven opened he found he’d been chosen
To stand with the ransomed and free