I Still Remember
I Still Remember

I came to Jesus as a sinner
With conviction in my heart
I cried for mercy pleading only His blood
He broke the chains that once had bound me
Paid my debt and set me free
And filled me with His everlasting love

He brought me out (He brought me out into freedom)
There was no doubt (There was no doubt what I’d been given)
A brand new life (A brand new life)
Of joy divine I’d never known
I still remember what He did when He saved my soul

I was changed the day God found me
And forgave me long ago
My burden lifted I’ll never forget
How peace that passed all understanding
Came and drove my shame away
And made me His dear child forever blessed

When my memories all have faded
And I see the shores of home
I’ll still have the clearest vision
Of the day God saved my soul