A Reason To Sing
A Reason To Sing

There is a melody rising up inside of me
Reminding me that I was born to praise
I have a mansion grand over in the Gloryland
Strike up the band and let me hear “Amazing Grace”

I’ve got a reason to sing I’ve got a reason to shout
I’ve got music overflowing and it has to come out
I can’t keep it inside you know I’ve got to testify
Because I’m a child of the King
There may be those who don’t see
But there’s a big change in me
I found my song of joy the day I knelt at Calvary
I’ve been saved and set free
And by the blood I’ve been redeemed
Oh I’ve got a reason to sing

If you are feeling blue don’t know just what to do
Just lift your voice and call upon His name
You’ll feel the Spirit move you’ll hear that Gospel tune
That rises up inside of you and makes you want to say

I have a song when there is sunshine
Not a cloud in the sky
All is well for I have Jesus in my heart
But He’s still my hope and comfort
When the storm clouds roll by
I can praise Him even when the days are dark