Live Free or Die
written by Doug Moreland, ASCAP (composer/author and publisher)

I gotta friend
Who'll live till the end
That's the way I want to go
Live free or die
Walk run or fly
My world is what i know

I cant stop learning
Crashing and burning
Truth isn't always so easy to find
If I wanna change
The ways of the world
I Start by changing mine

It’s all in the swing
When it’s right it’ll ring
The rules say play it where it lay
It can be tough
Hittin’ from the rough
The secret’s “always shoot’em straight”

History repeats itself again
You are who you know who do you call your friends
Work and you earn
You live and you learn
The good will always win

And it wont stop turning
Crashing and burning
The truth is out there for all to find
Live free or die
Walk run or fly
You must exercise your mind