Pray For Rain
written by Doug Moreland, ASCAP (composer/author and publisher)

Grass is tall and dry as a bone
Tanks are dust and the wells are low
The wind from the south is starting to blow
We hear the warnings but we already know
Just one spark could set the whole place off
Cattle gather ‘round an empty trough

Pray for rain
Pray for rain
We’ll all gather on the courthouse lawn
Break out a fiddle sing a song
Watch kids do a rain dance
Pray for rain

Marfa is 20 miles to the south
I can smell smoke, taste it in my mouth
Sky’s getting dark in the middle of the day
I see a glow and it’s headed this way
Firetrucks are out there but it’s too fast to fight
Smokes so thick for waterbombers to fly

Pray for rain
Pray for rain
The devil’s rolling through the mountains
Need to save our little town
Phones are down powers out
Pray for rain

The red through the hills is like a midnight dawn
A snake of flames race across the lawn
Our neighbor is gone now so is his home
Wish we could help but we’re trying to save our own
I think I burned my hair my tow sack is dry
I stomp with my boot and hope the wind dies

Pray for rain
Pray for rain
Gotta hold your own if you wanna save your home
Buckets shovels and a garden hose
Beat it back with a tow sack
Pray for rain
Beat it back with a tow sack
Pray for rain