A Boy Like Me (3:47)((Featured APD Showcase Vol 4 Track)
Boy Like Me (3:47)

Songwriter: Doug Moreland, Matt Skinner
Publishing & PRO: ASCAP

You could call it Texas Music, but that doesn’t quite nail it. You could call it dancehall music, or honky-tonk music, but that doesn’t get it either. Give one good listen to Doug Moreland - the Texas-based singer, songwriter, and fiddler – and you’ll hear a dazzling variety of musical styles, from acoustic-flavored ballads to full-tilt western swing. Indeed, Doug Moreland can’t be pigeonholed. But if you wanted to compare him to an artist, perhaps the best would be another singer-songwriter who did it his own way, the brilliant Roger Miller, who could craft heartbreaking country classics and then turn around and knock out a raucous novelty number.