Die In The Desert
traditional song - writer unknown

I wanted to die in the desert
I planned it for 20 years
Alone with my God and my conscience
And not a sky pilot near

I meant what I said when I doped it
It threw a spell over me
The mesas, the sand, and the deadness
Was the place I wanted to be

I've roamed and I've traveled all over
I've stood on the brink of hell
I woo'd it, I coaxed it, and I fought it
But I was caught in its deadly spell

I said when I croaked I'd go
To the desert to find my home
Let them coyotes and snakes watch over me
Let my headstone be a lone yellow pole

Now this death that I cheated so often
Has pulled its freight into town
But I can't get back to the desert
I'm broke, not a penny, I'm down

Now this life that I lead ain't worth a while
I play this ace up my sleeve
It's poison, quick stuff, Saint Peter
Adios to the world I leave

Just throw my old hide in the cactus
Out where the desert wind moans
I wanted to die in the desert
Let them buzzards peck over my bones