Daddy In The Caddy
written by Doug Moreland, ASCAP and Stoney Gabel, ASCAP (adapted from Arkie Shibley’s "Hot Rod Race" & Charlie Ryan’s "Hot Rod Lincoln")

Well you heard that story of the Hot Rod Lincoln
Some kid drivin’ his Daddy to Drinkin’
That story’s true, I wouldn’t lie
Cause I’m the Daddy in the Caddy that passed them by

I got the car from my Pappy’s Pa
Caddilac Sedan, long and tall
Needed a little work but I’s shipped over seas
When I come home she was waiting on me

I put a V12 motor in a 41 Fleetwood
Fit a little tight but sure run good
Beefed up the springs, took out the spare
Split set of gears that’ll part your hair

Paint’s a little faded lookin’ like a sleeper
Maybe something driven by a Baptist preacher
Tailpipe's quiet as pulling' a cork
That V-12 motor ain't nothin' but torque

I was haulin’ moonshine on a cloudless night
I left a batch sittin' outside Grapevine
I gotta Bakersfield Baby waiting on me
Come tomorrow morning that’s where I’ll be
So I eased on the highway and pointed her home
if you Run double nickels, law leaves you alone
I seen headlights, comin’ up from behind
And then a Ford and a Mercury come a wingin’ by
I watched ‘em tearin’ up the road
And then in the mirror what looked like a ghost
it’s a model A like a hawk in flight
Gaining ground on them two other guys
I had to find out where they was going so fast
This Daddy in a Caddy don’t like to be passed
So I dropped the hammer and giver the reins
Slid on over to the passing lane

That Model A took the Merc and the Ford
And so did I, but I wanted more
You all know the end of that song
I had one more gear I was waitin’ on
I passed them boys at the top of the hill
Quick as lightnin’ from my grandpa’s still
I pumped the clutch and stabbed her in to fifth
And that road opened up like a birthday gift
Now I know it wasn’t my race to run
But I was just havin’ a little fun
In the mirror’s a ball of smoke and flames
Gainin’ on me was that model A
He traded paint with a truck around a hairpin curve
Gotta hand it to the boy, he had an iron nerve
Sparks flew out from the guardrail steel
I could see his knuckles, white on the wheel

I could tell he wanted it more than me
So I eased up and give’m the lead
I heard a knockin and a rockin and one tire was flat
And his radiator hissin like a Halloween cat
When the law pulled him over, I wasn’t surprised
They sit in the same place every night
You know I got kin in the highway patrol
I just honked and waved at my uncle Joe

If you’re leavin’ San Pedro on a cloudless night
and a Cadillac sedan passes you by
It’s in your best interest to just hang back
Cause the Daddy in the Caddy knows all the traps

I’m the Daddy In the Caddy
I’m the Daddy in the Caddy
I’m the Daddy in the Caddy that just passed you by