One Note
The shimmer in your eyes it sends a shiver down my spine
The beauty of your voice it helps me know the source of mine
The keys beneath my fingers dear they offer chords that linger near
The root that lets this singer hear the notes he longs to find

But I just need one note, just one note, or maybe two
To say I love you
Help me sing a melody that never waivers, never falters, never fails
To speak words that are true

But, oh, if sometimes notes fly all around like rain that falls and splashes up
To catch the sunlight once again
If sounds like mad bouquets of flowers bloom then let them be a garland for
The one note that’s always been

And let me sing a psalm, a song of love, a hymn
And let my voice intone the truths it’s always known
And finally let me fall, let me arrive, let me sink into your arms
Let one note be my home
My own