You Will Live Love
There’s a bloom that flowers in the night
It opens when there is no light
It finds the light it needs within
Then its petals never close again
You will live love

There’s a blossom that they call the queen
She doesn’t long to reign supreme
She unfolds for those she loves
And that will always be enough
She will live love

The autumn leaves fall from the trees, life goes on
The winter snows, we gather close, and sing our songs
When spring rolls in we renew again, and spread our wings
In the summer heat the air’s so sweet it almost brings us home
We’re almost home

But when the moon is full it fills the sky
And I don’t have to wonder why
It lights my way these tender hours
As I’m searching for my precious flower
I will live love

If my journey proves in vain
And I never find my flower again
I’ll see her when I close my eyes
And walk into that sweet sunrise
We will live love