The Little Things
It’s the way you sit, it’s the way you stand
It’s the way you touch my cheek, the way you take my hand

It’s the little things babe that make me want you near
It’s the way you sing so closely in my ear
You think no one can hear
It’s the little things

It’s the way you dance, it’s the way you drive
It’s the way your glance makes me feel alive

It’s the little things babe that make me love you so
It’s the way you drink wine, I wouldn’t call it slow
But damn I love that glow….
It’s the little things

Don’t let the little things die
They’ll be the ones that shape our lives
Don’t let the simple times fade
We’ll cherish every one someday

It’s the way you laugh, it’s the way you cry
It’s the grass beneath your feet, the stars above your eyes

It’s the little things babe that take my breath away
It’s the smile you bring me, at the end of every day
It always seems to say
It’s the little things