The Silk Merchant's Daughter
As I walked down Fourth Street
A jolly young sailor I chanced for to meet
I said, “Brother Sailor, oh where are you bound?”
“I’m bound for New London or some other rich town.”

This ship being rigged and ready to sail
We pulled up the anchor and we hoisted the sail
For six months we sailed, all hearts were content
Then this ship sprang a leak, to the bottom it sank

Fourty-four of us sailors got in a life boat
Way out on the ocean, all alone there did float
Provisions grew scarce and death it drew nigh
We each drew our number for to see which would die

These names being written and put in a hat
We each drew our number, we each drew our lot
And amongst all these sailors this young damsel drew less
She was to be killed by the one she loved best

“Before I would kill you my heart it would burst.
Before I would kill you, my love I’d die first.”
“Now wait,” said the captain, “Hold on now you men.
Ain’t but very few people who would die for a friend.”

These knives being sharpened, there’s murdering to do
When, “Wait,” said this lady, “For a moment or two”
“Now wait,” said this lady, “Hold onto your tongues
For I hear a ship a’comin’ by its loud roaring guns.”

In the space of a moment this ship it drew nigh
Took on all these sailors and it saved all their lives
Straightways to New London this ship was conveyed
Straightways to get married went this young man and maid