Over On The Other Shore
Over on the Other Shore
Written by: Randy Lynn Willard
Chorus: Someday when we meet the Savior Over on the other shore
And the dead in Christ shall gather there to live forever more.
We’ll be singing praises to him in that home beyond the sky
There to live forever in the sweet by and by.

Verse 1: There’ll be no more pain and sorrow,
There’ll be no more sickness there
All will be eternal in that land that is so fair
No one can imagine all the joys that are prepared
If you hear the angels they will lead you to his care

Verse 2: Don’t you want to see him, oh don’t you want to go
All of Heaven’s waiting for just a few more souls
Don’t deny the Savior who bled and died for you
Take his hand he’ll lead you and he’ll never let you go

Verse 3: All of Heaven is rejoicing for that soul that is so free
No one can ever take that gift he gave to me
Glory to the Savior who died up a tree
All to save sinners who are just like you and me

Tag: There to live forever in the sweet by and by.