Over On The Other Shore
Here is a guy that is quiet, easy to get along with in the band and a great singer and mandolin/fiddle player. Now we can add song writer. Randy told me he wanted to write a very positive upbeat song about going to heaven. Several years ago, Randy was very sick, he has rare disease called…Wegeners Granulomatosis but he never complains. Randy doesn't make a fuss about his experience with the disease but we are aware of it and make sure no one is sick when we practice.
He actually came up with an idea for his song when he had his own band called "Rockford Express". He wrote a few lines of it, then he kept trying to imagine what it would be like and finally took what he had understood what heaven would look like and make it work. “I think God helped me a lot with it”.
Another thing about the song is that he wanted it to be a fun song to play and sing. "I think it is a good idea to try and do songs that I’m willing to sing every night if the people want to hear it". As Christians we are to sing praises to God “and getting as sick as I have been, I really wanted to get it finished”