Carnival Ride
Carnival Ride

Got a smile that could light up a midnight sky
Sweet honeysuckle love, apple of my eye
Dance floor's flowin' like a river tonight
Love's been burning me up like a fire at night
And I've been trying all night long to make you see
Just what your love has done to me

Two hearts beating louder than the fourth of July
Like the sound of rolling thunder cross the summer sky
Nothing's finer than the way that you hold me tight
You've got me going crazy with those pretty brown eyes
Everything's better when you're by my side
Your cotton candy kisses keep me up at night
So jump in baby throw your hands up high
Twisting and a turning like a carnival ride

Your body's swaying got me hypnotized
I'm like a de-railed train and I don't ask why
Well nothings sweeter than your lemon drop kiss
Honey child you know that I can't resist
And I been waiting for this moment for so long
Waiting for it all night long

One thing I know for sure that's crystal clear to see
I gotta have you next to me

(Dean Young, Adam Wallington-Released 2017) Copyright © Dean Young - All rights reserved