"The Beer Drinkin' Song"
This song is just too much fun! “The Beer Drinkin’ Song,” was written by David over three decades ago. He had just returned from Europe where he had been accompanying an artist he was managing on CBS Records, Lacy J. Dalton. David and Lacy were sitting around David’s home after their return from Germany and other European countries (and, of course, drinking beer!) when David suggested that what was needed was a ‘good old American beer drinking song.” At which point Lacy suggested, “Well, why don’t you just write one!” During the course of that afternoon, and probably a few beers more, “The Beer Drinkin’ Song” was born. Some time later, Lacy, Billy Sherril and David were at CBS assembling Lacy’s next album. Finding themselves “one song short of an album,” Lacy said to Billy, “why don’t we record David’s song?” Since David, at that time was still practicing law, Billy retorted, “What the hell did he write.... a legal brief?” Lacy played it, Billy liked it, Lacy recorded it and it appeared on her album. Now over thirty years later, it’s David’s turn to record it. And, Charlie McCoy’s signature harmonica licks, which played such an integral part of the original recording, called for Charlie to again repeat his performance on David’s recording.