"Ride The Wild West (Cowabunga)"
Cowabunga ! The first single from “DAVID WOOD Country” was “Ride The Wild West - Cowabunga!” and it went #1 on the New Music Weekly Main Country Chart.
It’s a Country - Surfer Rockin’ song entitled and be assured - you’ve never heard anything like it. It’s, in big part, the sands of Wild West mixed with the Surfer Sounds of the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Gidget and the gang on the “other” sands of summer at the beach. And - summer of 2011 - what better time to release this song? There’s one truth for sure - you won’t forget this song and you won’t be able to resist the temptation to join in and sing-a-long as you “Ride Ride - Ride - Ride.” - “Look out for that cactus little Sand Bunny !” Cowabunga !