In Praise Of God
Each day I live
I hope to be
a friend to all
so they may see
the love of God
shine forth from me
to ease their pain and misery.

I try to be
the best I can.
Sometimes I fall,
then rise again.
I trust in God
to see me through.
He's always there
for me and you.

Let us take a moment of time
here and there throughout every day
to talk with God, Who loves us so.
He is waiting to hear us say
words of praise to honor Him.
Holy God, we praise Thy name!
In each of those moments of time
we can talk to Him with love
and feel no shame.

God's gift of life
will always be
a precious one
from Him to me,
and in return
I'll strive to do
His will for me.

Let us praise the Triune God.
Glorify His holy name.
Give thanks to HIm
for all He has done.
You will never be the same.
He will cast away
your sorrows and fears,
give you strength
in all that you do.
He's done it for me,
and He'll do it for you.
Give Him your life.
Don't be afraid.
God's love is true.

You're a winner
for a lifetime
when you've got faith
to trust and believe
in the Holy Trinity!

In a world
where evil abounds,
give us courage
to follow Your way.
You told us
Your mercy is endless
for those who repent
of their sins and pray.

He is the Way,
the Truth, and the Life.
His we are.
Yes, we are His!
Dispel Satan's power,
make room for God's love,
and be filled with His
peace and joy ETERNALLY.

God's peace, love and joy