Darillyn Patterson
  • The Voice From Within
  • Unfathomable Divine Mercy
  • Heaven
  • True Presence
  • The Immaculate Conception
  • Lord, I Love You!
  • God's Love
  • Blessed Mother, I Love You!
  • This Is My Life
  • The Rosary
  • Forevermore A Priest
  • In Praise Of God
  • You Are All I Need, Lord!
  • Three Prayers
There is no band. This is a solo performance.

Many hearts and minds will be touched by the lyrics of these songs, which are Divinely inspired.

This CD is God's work. It was not something Darillyn planned to do. Inspired to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, she allowed herself to be used for God's purpose. As she puts it, "This has been a labor of love for the Lord."

Each person will be touched differently by the messages in these songs, yet all WILL be touched somehow.

You can read a number of reviews for the first 3 songs at the following website: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/darillyn
It has to be typed exactly that way. If the colon is missing after https, it won't work. (just discovered that by testing it)

When the CD first came out, it only had those 3 songs. Over a span of years, the rest have been added here on Airplay Direct. There is a video of her singing "Forevermore a Priest" with organ accompaniment on youtube.com Just type her name into their search box.

Her email address is Blessed2BCatholic@comcast.net. You are encouraged to send feedback to her at that address; she is also on Facebook. If any of the songs touched your heart, let her know. Share this website address with others so they, too, can be touched.

Darillyn made the decision not to sell these songs. She does not want compensation for doing what the Lord asks of her. Her CD is not for sale here. Knowing that some people's lives will be positively affected by her music is sufficient reward. Just click on the title of the song you wish to hear on the upper part of the site, and it will play in its entirety. (not just a snippet) You can listen to as many of them as you desire. Everything is free. On the lower section you can see the tabs next to each song -- info, lyrics, download. Only radio stations are allowed to download. All the lyrics are there for those who want to read them. Background information on each song is provided when you click on 'info'.

As a fully-professed member of the Fraternity of St. Dominic, she is called to preach. Using her God-given talents, Darillyn is doing her preaching through songs.

The ninth song on the list, "This is My Life", was just added on 3/11/16. She was trying to get it recorded for a long time. It's about euthanasia, a controversial subject. Darillyn makes her viewpoint on the matter very clear. This is a pro-life song as well as her song about abortion, "The Voice From Within".

Radio stations are able to broadcast any/all songs here by clicking the 'download' button. If you are associated with a radio station, (or know somebody who is) God is now giving YOU the opportunity to help Him distribute these messages. Nothing happens by chance. You are not here by accident. Blessed Mother instructed the waiters at the wedding feast at Cana: "Do whatever He tells you." If the Lord wants you to share these songs with others, please 'do whatever He tells you'.
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    Melody and harmony are both sung by Darillyn. She also wrote all the lyrics.
  • Sounds Like:
    Some have said she sounds like an angel. That's probably because her love for God is so apparent.
  • Influences:
    This is the result of Heavenly inspiration. She has been influenced by the Holy Spirit.
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    03/26/22 15:55:47

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