Daniel Merrick is more than just a singer, songwriter, preacher, TV and Radio Host, He is a Hit ! Dan's Song "Pennsylvania" made a hallmark splash onto the #Spotify #DistroKid #countrymusic charts at number 6 in the top ten right out of the gate with promotions to #radio airplay and #billboard beginning through A.O.K. Records of Nashville. Dan is a cancer survivor who donates his music income to his nonprofit charity broadcasting world wide on #theNOWnetwork every thursday at 1PM with a Messianic Jewish bible message. Dan's ministry has been helping with missions and world wide pandemic recovery to feed the hungry and help with his message of salvation and song. Dan released his new Christian hit single "Yah Ha Yah" in October 2021 and now his song about his 7th Great Grandfather Israel Merrick who came with the first settlers after the Revolutionary War in 1804 to Tioga county "Pennsylvania".
Dan's new single is being promoted by Adam Knight of A.O.K. records promotion of Nashville and was recorded and produced by Randy Green featuring the keyboard work of Ken Ralyea with Dan playing guitar and singing vocals.
You can vote for Dan's song to hit number one at which is listener choice match-ups that elect the country music fan chart positions weekly online.
Dan's music has gotten more than just noticed in his comeback from his 1994 CCM Hit "Like Stephen" with his renewed studio work and making his life long dreams come true to share his songs with the world. Dan is an ASCAP composer with a collection of over 40 songs he wrote from before his Army service in the US Cavalry as an officer enlisting in 1979 and being commissioned in 1982 moving from Staff Sergent to officers ranks. Dan's father also "mustanged" from SFC to Officer in World War Two as well as Dan's ancestor Major George W Merrick in the Civil War. Dan's served two years at the local chapter president of the Son's of the American Revolution after discovering his ancestor Israel Merrick and his father Issac Merrick were both Revolutionary War veterans who moved from Maryland and Deleware in the late 1700's early 1800's to this area of what was then the edge of the Northwest Territory.
Rev. Cpt. Daniel W Merrick PhD US Army Retired Cavalry Officer began a quest to document his family tree 26 years ago that lead him to join several genealogical societies and establish this family history and genealogical society. “The Journey has been lead by angels” when Dan began. Dan discovered that his great grandfather was buried in Wellsboro Cemetery and contacted the Tioga county historical society on the phone and set an appointment to meet with a local historian and genealogist. While driving to the appointment, Dan drove by Asonia Church on Route 6 and saw a cemetery and was drawn to stop and look for some clues in his search. Dan’s wife suggested he wait until their meeting was over on the way back so Dan resisted the mysterious compulsion. Later at the meeting, Dan’s intuition was verified as the historian explained that Israel Merrick, Dan’s 7th Great Grandfather and Grandmother were buried in Asonia Church Cemetery, the same one they had passed by where Dan wanted to stop and search.
Dan is the President of the Meyrick Foundation Org and an author, songwriter and singer. Dan released his single entitled “Pennsylvania" December 2021:
“Pennsylvania” the story of Israel Merrick who came in 1804 to the Pine Creek Gorge also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Tioga County and was one of the first settlers of the edges of the “Northwest Territory” that expanded west over the next 150 years to become the United States. Israel came from Maryland to Pennsylvania at the request of Mr. Wells who established Wellsboro in what is now the heart of the Tioga State Forest. Israel is buried in Asonia Church Cemetary on Route 6 beside his wife Mary Lockwood Broadway Merrick. Israel was a Revolutionary War Patriot and supply runner with his cousin Israel Mer