My Future Ain't What It Used to Be - Marty Raybon, Jerry Salley
Writers: Jerry Salley, Dianne Wilkinson
Very Jerry Music (SESAC)/Christian Taylor Music (BMI)

A head strong kid who lived to get in trouble
Running with the wrong crowd high and low
Too young to understand why life’s a struggle
Headed down a one-way dead end road

But When heaven heard the prayers of my sweet Mama
I turned around and I ain’t looking back
I found forgiveness at an old time alter
Where my yesterday is/was buried in the past

My future ain’t what it used to be Lord
You had a brand new plan for me
My burdens are all lighter, tomorrow is brighter
Cause now I can look ahead and see
My future ain’t what it used to be

Too many years I walked in sin and sorrow
Peace was something I found hard to find
Thinking hell would be my destination
But now I’ve got heaven on my mind


Now one day I’ll trade this body for a new one
And move into a mansion bright and fair
Jesus will be waiting by the river
To take me through the gates when I get there