Big Mouth
It's so hard to take the first step
when you know how long the journey may be
It's so hard to make a clean break
when the next mile is further than you can see

It's so hard to wake up
when you've been sleeping for so long
It's so hard to lay your head down
When you go to bed at night
thinking that another day's gone

I want to shout
but my tongue's too big for my mouth
Might have lost another round
on account of my big mouth
Turn it up loud
got to kick this stable down

It's so hard to stand up
when your feet are fast asleep
It's so hard to run away
when the chalk marks
surround you on the street

It's so hard to be an angel
when you're acting like a fool
It's so hard to be a lover man
when you run so hot
you can't get cool

I want to shout....

but it's easy giving candy to a baby
it's easy pouring water on a drowning man
when you've got money
you don't have to worry
about money