Charlie Allen, Jerry Blackburn,Ron Stevens,Dave Moore

Well, 'ol Chief Ross runs a pretty tight town
But there's that one week middle of June
He try's to keep the peace but it's just no use
Traffic backs up on I-24
People from the South and folks from way up North
Headed down to Manchester, TN for a wild four day party


They call it Bonnaroo
Four days of country, rock and blues
With a Coffee County attitude
Bring your blankets, tents and campers too
Pass the good times around while you find your groove
Kick back, ooohhh, kick back
Let the music get a hold of you
Down in Bonnaroo

Well, Ashley Capps sure does it up right
Got seven hundred acres rockin' day and night
Nobody sleeps a wink the party never ends
Oh, there 'aint no strangers everybody's your friend
From the nine to five escapees
To the common man and the VIP's
Everybody all looks the same
Soaked down in that fire hose rain


U Tell Me Publishing, BMI,Miles Apart Publishing, BMI, Runaway Hearts Music, BMI