NO WELCOME HOME (New Memorial Day Single Release)
"...should have called us heroes, thought of us a zeros..." -No Welcome Home

" "No Welcome Home" is important to me because we ignorantly shunned, ignored and disrespected a generation of soldiers who did what they had to do...fought an unpopular war in Vietnam. More than 202,000 men and women served in Vietnam. Almost 60,000 patriotic young men and women died serving their country with respect and courage. "No Welcome Home" is their voice"....Charlie Allen

"No Welcome Home" was co-written by RRR's recording artist Charlie Allen , Tony Stampley and Vietnam veteran, Ross Simmons. (He) received (medals, awards). Ross is local sheriff of Manchester, TN. We see each other every day. He's shared some heart-breaking stories about (the) war. When we sat down to write this song, he wanted to express how he felt, how probably most Vietnam veterans feel, about coming home from hell...and to be left with such shame. It is unimaginable what these soldiers endured. They deserve respect and it's not too late to give it to them," explains Allen.

This song is relevant because it allows us - as a nation - to reflect on our misjudgements. "No Welcome Home" is sad, regretful, full of emotions, and it is healing. I cried the first time I heard it. I said 'we have to give my friend (the sheriff and others) our full support and get this song out for all those soldiers and their families'. They still are suffering today.

Please remember our men and women in service this Memorial Day. Please support (The Vietnam Veterans Wall) as it travels around the US. And pray for our country.