Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Debuted #1 Hotdisc Top 40 and #1 Hotdisc Independent Top 20 April 09.

“Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues”

Charlie Allen includes the classic “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues” on his CD That Was Then, This Is Now from River Run Records (Proper Music Distribution UK and Eire). The single will be the first solicited to over 800 international radio and press outlets via the April Hotdisc music service.

Allen says, “I’ve always loved this song, and it’s been cut by so many people! Elvis, Willie, Waylon, Leon Russell, even Mel Torme’. Danny O’Keefe is a great writer and singer. The story goes that he was recovering from a serious motorcycle accident that broke his hip when he wrote this song. Danny admits he nearly became addicted to codeine. Glen Campbell started to cut it, but the line about the ‘pills to ease my pain’ scared him. So he changed it to ‘booze to ease my pain.’ That change got him more cuts.”

O'Keefe revealed in a recent interview, "It's just so bone simple. You can't take anything else away from it, and it was a perfect little encapsulation of where I was at the time, which is why I still love it. I was barely a guitar player and learning my trade. I hadn't been very successful at it, and friends of mine were just starting to get some success and were literally leaving Seattle to go to L.A., and I wanted to go with them."*

Charlie Allen plans a return to the UK and Ireland late summer 2009.

From The CD "That Was Then, This Is Now"