United Flight 93
United Flight 93 lyrics by Caleb Bailey
It was the perfect September day
I climbed to fix the barn roof as the children played
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky
As that big plane came passing by
And my heart dropped like a rock
when I saw that smoke above the hemlocks
And the silence that followed was louder than the sound
Of that 757 crashing to that sacred ground
forever known through history
United Flight 93
I was in a dump truck hauling coal
On Tuesdays I pulled a tandem load
The smell of coffee filled the air
As I grabbed another gear
Merle Haggard’s Silver Wings player on the radio
When I saw that plane flying low
Now a 17 ton stone marks the place where it laid
44 people now share one common grave
Their voices still echo through the sands of time
Carried through the wind in the song of a chime