The Ghost of Eli Jones
Eli Jones lived in the mountains all his life
Never had a family never had a wife
He just clang tight to his bottle
At night he would roam
Up and down the mountainside
Drunk and all alone

He would start his day with homemade wine
By the afternoon he’d be drinking shine
One night while in his stupor Eli got turned around
He never made his way back home
And his body was never found

When the ghost of Eli Jones comes creeping round
The hair on the back of your neck stands up
and your feet freeze to the ground
The lightening cracks hear thunder roll
That is when you’ll know
That you are standing next to the ghost of Eli Jones

Some say they hear him crying out amongst the whippoorwills
Others say he’s dead and gone lying in the hills
No one knows for certain the truth of his demise
But when the cold wind cuts your soul you know he’s still alive