House of the Lord
House of the Lord (has a for sale sign)
Flipped through the paper when an add caught my eye
It was a house priced to sell in the classifieds
on the corner of Dogwood and addressed off Main
It has a welcoming foyer and the glass is all stained
The yard isn’t much but it’s got heavenly views so make me an offer that I can’t refuse
It has a stone foundation and four brick walls
Below is the number taking all calls

The house of the Lord has a for sale sign
Now it sits empty and the grass is all high
The preacher now preaches his sermons on line
And the house of the Lord has a for sale sign

I dialed the number as I picked up the phone
But there was no answer there was no dial tone
Just a message from a man who’s voice was strong
He said you thought I was home you must have thought wrong
I’m out with the hungry the sick and the poor
I know you may need me but they need me more


The house that is listed is a house built by hands
But the true house of God is the heart of the man
Like this old building is lonesome and cold
What is the price which your house was sold
Did you sell it for greed did you sell it for lust
Or upon the Lord do you still trust