Grandfather Walks
Bruce T. Carroll - Grandfather Walks
"Grandfather Walks is an homage to my
grandfather, a Frenchman aptly named Voltaire,
as seen through the eyes of my mother, Francine,
who passed away at the age of 99 about a year
ago. Voltaire was revered by his daughter and
sadly died when she was only 16 years old. He
lived on in her heart and through her warm
remembrances of him, which she imparted to me.
The memories her father inspired fueled my
loving, and imaginative depiction of the old man,
the patriarch, the bon vivant, world traveler, and
loving father to three little girls. In this song, and
in the mind's eye, the grandfather and the father
become one, a powerful archetype of strength
and goodness."

Bruce T Carroll acoustic guitar, lead vocal
Lee Falco: drums and vocals
Brandon Morrison : bass and vocals
Will Bryant: keyboards and vocals
Sara Milonovich: violin
Tommy Mandel: Accordian

Produced by Bruce T Carroll
Engineered by Brandon Morrison
Mastered be Alan Douches/