Hey Jesus won’t you help me
To open up my heart
I want to love my neighbor
But my neighbor wants no part
I’m just a target market
To that dollar grubbing hound
He don’t give a damn about me
When my money ain’t around
His hand is in my pocket
He’s laying guilt and shame
He makes me start to doubt you
And he does it in your name
I would love to love my neighbor
But, my neighbor wants no part
He couldn’t feel love
If you nailed it through his heart

Hey Jesus won’t you help me
To turn the other cheek
I shoot daggers at the bastards
Every time they speak
My ears are catching fire
When they start twisting what you said
Take you out of context
And turn you on your head
Now I haven’t read that good ‘ole book
In 10 or 20 years
But I can’t recall you saying
You hate single moms and queers
I’d turn the other cheek
But I can’t ignore the lies
They couldn’t see love
If you nailed it through their eyes.

I was flipping through the channels
When a woman on the screen
Preaching hard and breathing heavy
She was white, cut and clean
Selling after-life insurance
To the poor and to the meek
She said, “Give me all you’ve got
I’ll lend you Jesus for a week”
J.C. I’m not like you
And not sure I’d want to be
Give up my life
So Paula White could get rich off of me?
She can trade in your temple
Like no one in the land
But she couldn’t feel love
If you nailed it through her hands

Hey Jesus I’m in hell
Where the hell are you?
All I see are Kennedy, Falwell
And Robertson too
And their fundamental minions
Who follow them around
The flames climb higher
Broken glass is on the ground
They say the bible is their blueprint
When it fits in with their plan
I can’t tell Berlin from Mississippi
From Afghanistan
They use you to exclude
They use you to divide
If you see a Christian coming
Christ you’d better run and hide
Jesus let me in
I’m pounding on your door
With the God they’ve conjured up
What do we need the devil for?