Let Go
I’ll put it to you like to a child
You catch a tiger by the toe
When that tiger starts to yell
Any little kid could tell
It’s time for someone to let go

There’s nothing left here
To work out
There’s nothing to try
And take slow
We had our little place in time
Listen to the death knell chime
It’s time for someone
To let go

Can’t you hear that
Sweet bell of freedom ring?
Kindly step aside and let
The fat lady do her thing

I don’t want no part
In your drama
I won’t make one more cameo
I won’t sit through this
And pretend
We don’t know how
It’s gunna end
It’s time for someone
To let go

They say
“When you love somebody
Set them free”
Well baby
This is your big chance
To prove you really love me
So come on and
Prove you love me

The first two lovers
They had Eden
But there was so much
They did not know
About a jealous angel
Who had heaven
Until he
Wore out his welcome
It’s time
For someone
To let go

You’d see the writing
On the wall
If you could see
A thing at all
It’s time for someone
To let go
I just thought someone should
Let you know
It’s time to let go