This Song
This Song

There’s no use in complaining, there’s no sense in pretending
Something starts off somewhere and then it needs an ending
So last night, she done me wrong

If I took the time to think about why that woman left me
I could come up with a reason for each day since she met me
Each day I didn’t notice what I wasn’t doing it for her
I’d play my guitar but my songs only bored her
So last night, she done me wrong
She got herself a new man and I, I got this song

I guess she got tired of me never listening to her
I’d tune her out and turn up Hank or Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard

Now I’m alone again but that’s only how it seems
I got my guitar and my radio and all my crazy dreams
I ain’t lonesome, I ain’t lovesick, I ain’t got swinging doors
I ain’t crying in big river wondering what she left me for
She was right to do me wrong
I left her a long time ago, chasing this song

I’d tell her to go on to bed and I’ll be there in a little while
Then I’d go listen to Dylan, David Allen Coe, Hammel on Trial

This song ain’t about hard feeling or trying to turn the tables.
There is no message to be learned, there’s no moral, this ain’t a fable
There’s no use in complaining there’s no sense in pretending
This song started way back there and now it needs an ending
So tonight when she does me wrong
Kiss her once for me and tell her thanks for the song