The Hungry Girl
The Hungry Girl

This world can wear you thin with each long lonely day
Sometimes a smile can go a long way
Now I’m not saying I bring joy everywhere I go
But when I see a neighbor outrside I smile and wave hello
But I’m telling you to be careful
I’m telling you because it’s true
Some people out there are so starved for attention
They will take a bite, hold on tight
And never let go of you

She’s big, she’s loud she’s the hungry girl
The starvinest girl in the whole damn world
You were nice to her one time, and now you find
She’s been hungry so long that she’s out of her mind
Don’t let your eyes make that fateful connection
Don’t let her develop a taste for your affection
Now ten times a day she needs a new favor
There ain’t nothing as heavy as an upstairs neighbor
When she’s the hungry girl

She’ll leave a note on your car, e-mail you and more
Is there any way she can get a ride to the store
You pretend you’re not home she’s like Kool Aid through the door
She’s too big to miss and too loud to ignore
(She’s too big to miss and too loud to ignore)

She’s big and loud she’s a hungry girl
Starvinest girl in the whole damn world
She’s gunna chase you down to your very last breath
She won’t stop ‘til she’s full, and she’s always starving to death
Now I have no doubt she needs something to fill her
But what she needs I ain’t ever gunna give her
I’m packed tight like a sardine hiding under my bed
I can’t sleep at night she ate all the dreams in my head
I lie awake in a cold sweat and shiver
I pray to the lord that I will be delivered
From the Hungry girl

Now you might think I’m exaggerating
I’m being mean and telling stories that aren’t true
All I can say is wait for the day
Someone hungry takes a bite out of you.