Through The Wind
Through the Wind

You can search the whole world over
Or try to start the new world order
You can fall to your knees for a dollar
But, I’m pretty sure it ain’t worth the bother
And the sun breathes through the wind

You can try to fill what’s missing
By lining up a few religions
Put them in a big competition
Print up tickets and charge admission

But the wisest words I never get sick of
Love is all you need is love
So find what you’ve got then be a giver
Let them keep that bag of silver

And the sun breathes through the wind
And my world feels whole again
May our little kingdom have no end
I’m back in the arms of my love and my friend

You can feed me to the lions cause
I won’t live by your weird myths and laws
Some people want to start a riot
When they push their god and you don’t buy it
And the sun breathes through the wind

But when my days are over and done
Whether or not there’s a heaven
I’m gunna know I tried to give you
Something simple, heartfelt and true

And if someday you’re filled with sorrow
This melody you can borrow
Take it with you and lend it freely
May it help you like it helped me