04 Stuck in Colorado
He left home when he was 17 in a VW micro bus
Lookin’ for heaven a great adventure runnin’ from all of us
He drove all nite into the next day down the interstate flat and dry
He did not stop until he saw the Rockies in the Colorado sky

Now he’s stuck in Colorado
With a boulder on his back, uh, uh
A boulder on his back, uh, uh

He smoked his hash and he sold his weed, he rolled his own cigarettes
Kissin’ dead head women but they were smarter bye bye ride on they said
So he surfs on couches and sleeps on benches lookin’ up into the rain
By the words of poets he sips his coffee down on Penny Lane

Rerpeat Chorus

He’s got no phone and he gets no mail he’s forever on the move
Trippin all night and sleepin all day to a technotronic groove
Th’mountains are smaller the trees are taller the moon comes out at noon
He loves his father maybe his mother he thinks he’ll hitch home soon

Repeat Chorus

Goin out one night for his last dance to leave it all behind
He made a u-turn on a one-way street and much to his demise
There were flashin lights and uniforms his face was on the ground
Now he’s prayin all night in a cell downtown at the Boulder County jail

Repeat Chorus

© 2012 Samuel Saint Thomas