Mama Came to Texas
Mama came to Texas

Mama came to Texas to Visit me last night
She looked like she did when I was a kid, her eyes so big and bright
She wasn’t in no pain, she was peaceful as could be
said she came to Texas just to see me

She said, I do just as I please and, visits friends in their dreams
She spoke of where she lives now and, the gentle flowing streams
She even said she saw a lion lay down with a lamb
She said I miss you everyday but I’m happy where I am

She said remember those Riverboats, I always wanted to ride
I do it all the time now for miles and miles and miles
took one down the Mississippi into New Orleans
Then I took a train to Texas to see you in your dreams

I don’t miss it on earth much but, I sure miss you
And you don’t have to say it, I know you miss me too
We’ll be together again someday when the good lord says it’s time
till that day just keep me in your heart and on your mind.