Ole Joe Haney
Ol’ Joe Haney was a friend of mine,
he left for a debt to pay
He came back with a smile on his face,
fiddlelin’ along his way He’d sing a while
n’ bow in style, talk about a big parley
Where grace puts out the fires of hell,
this is what he had to say
Come on down to the ol’ church house,
come on down ‘n pray Jump in the well,
I’m here to tell
We’ll dance with the Lord one day,
we’ll dance with the Lord one day
Ol’ Joe Haney had a rustin’ brother he lived on the edge of town
Next mornin’ he ran out to tell exactly what he’d found
Big Jake was a man with a stubborn streak,
he always wondered why Got his doubts covered up
by the Master’s love and now he testifies
Ol’ Joe Haney and his brother Jake had a talk with my ol’ man
I was watchin’ ev’ry word as the three of them joined hands
Papa cried – the devil died when we all knelt to pray
Amen was the final word and it still is today, yay, it still is today