Come Drink the Water
Bobby Giles BJG Publishing / BMI
All aboard's what Daddy said, dressed in blue from foot to head
Those times were special on the Santa Fe
He'd tell folks when the next stop was, what the heck a brakeman does
Thank the folks who came to share the way

That ol' man He knew the Potter
His words refreshed the hankerings of those thirsty travelers along their way
Come drink the water

My Grandpa had a corner store filled with bubblegum-n-more
Lots o' folks came by to sit-n-chew.
They'd talk of trains-n-shotgun shells, times gone by and wishin' wells
Y'all come back again-n-that they'd do

My Savior means the world to me, gave me eyes so I can see
The blessings of my friends and family
Like Grandpa and my Daddy said, in Him, I am no longer dead.
That Livin' Water is the life of me

I hope someday I get to tell a passenger about the well
Ridin' on the train to Taste-n-See
Be there when ol' Gabriel calls watch as love removes the walls
and Heaven's gates reveal eternity

My father's father's Father is the Potter
One day soon He's gonna bring us all before the Throne of Grace-n-we'll hear Him say
I am the Water
That Livin' Water
Come drink the Water
That Livin Water